Since 1989, Equity friends and supporters have helped the Foundation grant nearly $4,000,000 to organizations throughout Oregon! We could not do our work without the generous support of volunteers who give their time and make our grants and scholarships possible.

Equity loves when people share their time and talents with us. No prior experience is required – we welcome volunteers with a variety of interests, skills and experiences. And volunteering with Equity is a great opportunity to network with leaders in the LGBTQ community, learn more about granting and scholarships, and support us in funding people and organizations working for LGBTQ equality. Here are some ways you can volunteer with Equity:

Event Staffing


Equity holds several events each year to raise money for our grants and scholarships. Some of our annual events include the Equity Awards, the Women Who Lead Luncheon, and the Women’s Summer Party. Event volunteers assist with sign-in and registration, ushering, handing out materials, and other miscellaneous tasks. We typically ask event volunteers for 3-4 hours of their time.

Grants Committee

Every year, Equity grants to organizations and projects that benefit the LGBTQ community. Our Grants Committee evaluates the grant proposals, and with the input of Equity membership, decides who will receive grants and how to allocate our grant funds. The Grants Committee meets twice a year – once to receive training and prepare for grant evaluation, and a second time to discuss grant proposals and decide recipients. Meetings are typically held on Saturdays. Committee members are also required to read and rate grant proposals outside of the meeting times. The total time commitment annually is approximately 15-20 hours. We have already selected our grants committee for the 2014 grants cycle, but let us know if you are interested in joining
the committee in 2015. Click here to learn more about our granting program.

2014 WWLL Planning Committee
Scholarship Committees

Equity Foundation is proud to host some of Oregon’s longest standing scholarships, offered to LGBTQ students and children of LGBTQ parents. Our scholarship committees evaluate scholarship applications and select recipients. Committees meet once to discuss applications and select winners, typically on a weekday evening for 2-3 hours depending on the volume of applications. Committee members are also required to read and rate scholarship applications outside of the meeting time. The total time commitment to serve on a scholarship committee is approximately 5-7 hours. Our 2014 scholarship committees have been filled, but let us know if you are interested in joining a committee in 2015.  Click here to learn more about our scholarship program.


Office Work

Equity staff occasionally need assistance with various office tasks, such as data entry, stuffing envelopes, filing, and preparing for events. Office volunteers need to be available during normal business hours. The time commitment is flexible.

We also welcome help from volunteers who can contribute their unique skills and experience to our work. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below and a staff member will follow up with you shortly.