Petition: Ask Aflac to Include Domestic Partner Benefits

About this petition

In the 21st century discrimination against LGBT people is unacceptable – and unfortunately we believe that is precisely what insurance giant Aflac is doing. Aflac has recently refused the Equity Foundation’s request to include domestic partner benefits in the company’s employee benefit package. This is wrong and should not be allowed to stand. When companies provide equal benefits, it makes a very real difference in the lives of its LGBT employees and sends a message of respect and inclusion – conveying tangible commitment to the principle that equal work deserves equal pay.

Aflac is a terrible laggard in this regard. Eighty-three percent of the Fortune 100 provided domestic partner benefits in 2011, up from 64% in 2004. A growing proportion of the Fortune 500 also provided them in 2011 (58%, from 40% in 2004). Companies in the insurance industry that do provide equal benefits include Aetna, AIG, Chubb, The Hartford, ING North America, MetLife, Nationwide, Unum, State Farm, Wellpoint, Humana, and Cigna.

Please join the Equity Foundation by signing this petition and letting Aflac know that this is completely unacceptable. Pressing companies in this way has been successful at hundreds of companies – now is the time for us to speak with a unified voice to Aflac on this issue of basic fairness. We will present this petition to Aflac’s management and board of directors at its annual meeting in Georgia in May.

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