Equity Foundation Awards Portland 100 Fund Grant to PHAME

Photo courtesy of PHAME Academy

Portland 100 Fund of Equity Foundation announced today a grant award of $14,500 to PHAME Academy to support a new initiative by PHAME called “PHAME: the H is for Honored Tour.”  The initiative, a Portland regional performance and exhibition tour in March 2012 starring PHAME’s adult artists with developmental disabilities, marks PHAME’s first local, regional tour in the organization’s 26 year history.

Stephen Marc Beaudoin, Executive Director of PHAME Academy said:

“PHAME is absolutely thrilled by the Portland 100 Fund of Equity Foundation’s critical support of ‘PHAME; the H is for Honored Tour,’ and are grateful to the Portland 100 Fund members, and the Equity Foundation board of directors, for their support of and belief in PHAME and our inspiring student artists.

We call this the ‘H is for Honored Tour’ because our student artists are truly honored individuals, and it is an honor to bring them to communities across the Portland metropolitan region. Outside of PHAME, these artists are too often defined solely by their disabilities. At PHAME, we celebrate and nurture their creative abilities and talents, and this regional tour – starring our PHAME actors, dancers, musicians, writers and visual artists – will help change attitudes, hearts and minds about the incredible joy, talent and dignity of these inspiring artists.”

The Portland 100 Fund of Equity Foundation has a mission of improving the quality of life for the Portland area and making this a better place to live.  The Fund was formed in 2005 by Jocelyn White and Beth Burns-Jones to increase philanthropy among women. In each cycle, the committee members choose one organization amongst all of the applicants to receive an award. 

Jocelyn White, Chair of the Portland 100 Fund of Equity Foundation said, “The Portland 100 Fund wants to help our community be a better place to live. We are supporting the PHAME Academy’s ‘H is for Honored Tour’ because this project makes life better for the actors, singers and artists who participate and for the audiences across our metro area that will have a chance to see the courage, talent and joy PHAME performers bring to the stage.”

Equity Foundation builds communities that advance the dignity and worth of all people.  Equity Foundation promotes philanthropy and positive interaction by granting funds to organizations that work to eradicate prejudice against gender and sexual minorities and people from other diverse communities.

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