New Crawford Memorial Scholarship to benefit students at PSU

Scott Mason (left) and David Crawford (right)

The David M. Crawford Memorial Scholarship at Equity Foundation was created in memory of David M. Crawford by Crawford’s partner Scott Mason.  Crawford was the former Treasurer of Equity Foundation and alum of Portland State University.

The scholarship is intended for LGBT students or students which support and are actively involved in an LGBT rights organization who are attending Portland State University. Donations can be sent to Equity Foundation to benefit the scholarship fund. The deadline for applications will be released in the coming months.

In establishing the fund, Mason said, “David had been an adjunct faculty member at PSU’s School of Business and would be proud to be helping others meet their goals.”

Mason established the scholarship with a gift of $200,000 to honor Crawford’s work in the community, his dedication to LGBT causes and to PSU.  Before retiring, Crawford was the CFO of OHSU Medical Group, a management consultant, and an architect.  His knowledge and leadership were fundamental to the continuing development of Equity Foundation’s strategic planning and vision.

The mission of Equity Foundation is to build communities that advance the dignity and worth of all people.  Equity Foundation promotes philanthropy and positive interaction through college scholarships and by granting funds to organizations that work to eradicate prejudice against gender and sexual minorities and people from other diverse communities.

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